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Collection Thumbnails | 影片資料庫截圖

  1. The accounts between and are synced simultaneously. If you do not have an account, please register via here. Contact support if you need assistance.
  2. Each video and post has a unique code, you can find the video by typing the code in the search box at
  3. When you checkout, you have the option of using a Credit Card or Video Download Credits.
    在你結帳時,您可以選擇使用信用卡或者影片下載額度(Video Download Credits)。
  4. 我们暫時無法提供中国顾客支付宝付款服务。


If you want to purchase videos that are not yet available in tumblrland.


  1. View our most updated Video Collection List (via Google Drive) and browse through the posts on the website.
  2. Contact us via [email protected] or online chat and let us know your order. You will only need to let us know the video code in your order (e.g. 5001). If the video is from one of our posts, please let us know the link to the post.
    請使用電子郵件[email protected]或網站聊天功能與我們聯絡,並且告知影片的代碼。若您想購買我們網站其中一篇文章的影片,請直接告訴我們文章的連結。
  3. We will reply to you with the total order amount and credit card payment link.
  4. Once we have received your payment, we will share the video files via Google Drive to your Google account.